Some children are born with a condition known as Tracheomalacia. Other children get this condition for unknown reasons. Sometimes it is part of another condition like Esophageal Atresia (EA). Although the cause of Tracheomalaciais unknown it can sometimes occur after frequent bouts of pneumonia and bronchitis.

How Does Tracheomalacia Affect Children

Infants under the age of two may experience trouble breathing. High pitched breathing, rattling and noisy breathing may be a sign of trachelomalacia. A person with this condition has a hard time exhaling ecause the cartilage rings that hold the airway open are too soft. Severe tracheomalacia can cause temporary periods where your child cannot breathe. Some infants with Tracheomalaciamay require surgery and some infants may need ventilation to ensure they are getting enough air. Children with Tracheomalacia may have more problems breathing when they are under stress, excited or active or if they have colds. This can result in more difficulty breathing.

How Does Tracheomalacia Affect Families

Family members that help take care of children with special needs like Tracheomalacia can often form close bonds as they work together to take care of the sick child. It can also cause the family more stress as they care for the child and have concerns and questions about the child’s condition.

How Can RSVP Home Care Help

RSVP home care can help you and your family as you care for your child. Often the best place for your child is at home where they can receive the love and care they need without unnecessary exposure to outside germs and bacteria. This can be taxing on a small family. Having qualified support can help you feel more confident and reduce any anxiety you may have. RSVP home care can help in two ways; they can provide you with the medical equipment you need to provide your child with proper care. They can also provide home health care so that you can take care of other members in your house of run errands when you need to. Having respiratory therapists in the home can provide you with necessary information that will benefit you and your child.

If you have a child with Tracheomalacia, RSVP Home Care can help. Call today to schedule and appointment and see what they can do for you.

Equipment Listing


Ventilators – LTV 950 and 1150 Trilogy

Ventilator supplies; circuits, humidifiers


Aerosol compressors (50 PSI) & supplies

Nebulizers & supplies

Suction machines & supplies (oral and tracheal)

Trach. Tubes (Shiley, Bivona, Smiths) standard & custom sizes

Tracheostomy supplies

Cough-assist devices


Oxygen concentrators

High pressure systems

Oximeters and Probes


Enteral pumps & poles

Nutrients & feeding kits

G-tubes, N/G tubes & supplies

MIC-KEY buttons & supplies


Complete line of dressings & gauze supplies

Incontinent supplies & Uri logical supplies