Tips for Bathing Medically Complex Children

Benefits of a Child's Medical Attachments

Having a medically complex child can complicate many activities, such as bathing. While it is difficult, there are methods and products to make it easier. Here are some tips to simplify the process.

For children with sensory issues there are ways to make bath time more comfortable for them. An inflatable tub insert can make your child feel more stable in the water and have the tub seem less spacious. This device can provide them with security that can help them to relax. If your child dislikes water splashing on their face, a bath visor can prevent this from happening. You can also switch to a hand-held showerhead to have greater control of the water when rinsing. Toys suitable for water can act as a distraction so your child will not be as uncomfortable.

Children with visual impairments may be confused and scared when placed in the water for bath time. It can be helpful to give them some warning beforehand. To prepare them you can try splashing your child’s hands with the water. While doing this you should tell them that it is bath time. Repeating these steps every time will help your child get used to bathing. Establishing a routine will do a lot to put your child at ease.

As a medically complex child grows older, getting them into the tub becomes more difficult. Once a child reaches 40 pounds, it can be dangerous to get them out of the bath after their skin is wet. Ceiling lifts can be installed to ensure a safe transfer. The lift follows a track on the ceiling, and traditionally allows for travel from the child’s room to the bathroom. This is a great option to take the child directly from the bed to the bath effortlessly.

Another option is a shower chair of which there are several styles on the market. The most common type is a bath chair that can be placed on a trolley or cart. This can help with mobility and to raise the chair higher. The child can then be placed into the chair and wheeled into the shower. A stationary bath chair can be used for a shower as well, but they are usually very low and cannot move. Some models do have a tub stand or risers to make the chair taller.

There are devices specifically designed for children who wish to be fully submerged in the water too. A back support is all that is necessary for this, and gives your child the ability to play in the water. High and low back supports are available and most options include a seatbelt.

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