Taking Care of Your Heat Intolerant Child

Baby girl

Heat intolerance is a complicated condition that could be a result from various medications prescribed to medically complex children. Symptoms resulting from these conditions include inability to sweat, difficulty regulating body temperature, autonomic problems, and cardiac concerns. Heat intolerance can be seen in both mild and severe forms, with the two ranging from discomfort and dehydration to violent vomiting and disorientation. In order to avoid these possibly life threatening conditions, it is important to brush up on ways to avoid the head.

You want your child to still enjoy the summer without the risk, so the easiest method to avoid the previous possibilities is prevention. Prevention is all about planning ahead, so it is crucial to the safety and health of your child that you are consistently aware of temperatures when venturing out into the summer heat. Although minimizing your time outdoors is the easiest method of avoidance, it is understandable that avoiding exposure to the outdoors is practically impossible for most people. Therefore, make sure that your child spends a majority of their time in the shade and will communicate with you as they adjust to the heat. Dress your child in fabrics that are of lighter color and are more breathable, along with taking frequent breaks during their limited activity time. It is advised that you venture into the outdoors during the cooler times of the day, such as the early morning or evenings, in hopes of avoiding the peak temperatures.

When it comes to cooling methods, the measure implemented depends on the severity of the heat intolerance. The intolerance of some children may be suppressed by constantly drinking cool fluids, using a fan, dampened washcloth, or even a cold mist. However, there is an alternative for children whose condition is not conducive to such minor treatments. There are cooling vests which come in two different forms and many styles in order to help ease even the most severe cases of heat intolerance.

Even if you attempt all of these measures to avoid the summer heat, your child still may be susceptible to the conditions of heat intolerance. If this happens, be sure to remove the child from the high temperature and monitor their vitals, keeping in mind that you can always call for medical assistance if necessary.

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