Questions to Ask Your Child’s In-Home Nurse Specialist

Female Nurse

When it comes to choosing the right in-home nursing specialist for your medically complex child, there are many standards and expectations they will need to meet. Because this nursing specialist will be interacting with you and your family on a frequent basis, it is necessary that they meet all these expectations so you feel secure knowing that you have made the right choice. At RSVP Home Care, serving Northern Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana, we understand how important this relationship is and want you to have the most confidence in your in-home nursing specialist. To help you feel more at ease with your in-home nurse, here are a few questions to ask them that will ensure they meet your standards.

Have you ever worked as an in-home nursing specialist for complex children before?

This question is simple and right to the point. Knowing that your in-home nurse has experience in the in-home nursing field will make you feel at ease knowing that they are prepared for all the unexpected events of caring for a medically complex child. While their previous job position is not a direct indicator of the care they will provide, it does at least let you give you some idea that they will not feel too overwhelmed by whatever health concerns your complex child presents.

Why did you leave your previous position?

This question will give you a feel for the commitment of your in-home nursing specialist. Because a routine is necessary for your medically complex child, ensuring that your in-home nursing specialist has been previously committed to a position for a lengthy amount of time is a good idea. Talk to them about their previous work experiences as much as possible to see if you think they will be the best fit for the situation in your home.

Do you feel comfortable working with a medically complex child?

Even if your potential in-home nursing specialist has worked with medically complex children before, it is still necessary for them to understand the needs of your child before hiring them. Explain all your child’s conditions and needs to your potential in-home nursing specialist and see if they are comfortable with the workload. It is necessary to be honest and open with your in-home nursing specialist to ensure a good working relationship. Give them a rundown of what your day-to-day life with your medically complex child looks like so they fully understand what they will be experiencing.

Are you comfortable with extra work, like laundry and cleaning medical equipment, and do you feel comfortable medically assessing my child without a nurse or doctor in the house?

You can phrase this question however you want, but what you need to gather from your in-home nursing specialists answer is if they are willing to do work that accompanies regular care for your child. Knowing all their certifications and what they are willing and able to asses with confidence is incredibly important, so make sure to ask. In addition, make it completely clear as to what their duties would be. If your child makes a mess while they are in the in-home nursing specialist’s care, are they going to be responsible for all clean up or will you need to help?

When it comes to finding the perfect in-home nursing specialist, the key is honesty. Be open and honest with your in-home nurse while you are asking them questions and giving them information about your child so they fully understand what the workload entails. At RSVP Home Care, located in Covington, Kentucky, we put our patients and their families first, and are always here to help. Our in-home nursing professionals have experience with a wide range of medical conditions and offer a variety of services for your medically complex child.