Perfect Car Seats for Medically Complex Children

Benefits of a Child's Medical Attachments

A medically complex child has requirements that exceed what is provided in traditional car seats. Children who have cerebral palsy, spinal cord problems, autism and other special needs will benefit from having specialized car seats. While it can be frustrating to find the optimal car seat for your child, here are some options that can give you peace of mind.

The Hippo Special Needs Car Seat is designed for children with spica or hip casts to be comfortable during travel. This car seat is the perfect combination of comfort and safety. A system for wedge positioning is utilized to allow it to remain upright and sturdy in the vehicle. There is a nylon cover so any spills that occur will not leave a permanent stain. The restraint harness connects at five points so it will keep your child secure and prevent them from getting out of the seat.

Another car seat to consider is the Diono RadianR100 Convertible Car Seat, which can be placed in a rear-facing or front-facing position. This option caters to older or larger children as the seat can hold up to 100 pounds. There is plenty of room to accommodate a growing child. For increased safety measures, the sides are reinforced with aluminum and the harness is able to absorb energy.

The Britax Snug Seat 7012-EL Traveler Plus Car Seat was specifically designed for long trips, as the plush padding will not lead to discomfort. This car seat has a heavily cushioned head rest to provide maximum comfort. The perfect amount of support is given to children who have trouble controlling their head. This seat is certified for special needs children and is a premium option.

If you are looking for a safety conscious option for a child of up to 85 pounds, there is the Maxi Cosi Pria 85 Special Edition Convertible Car Seat. This car seat has the protection of an Air Protect Advanced cushion system residing in the headrest. This system provides safer side impact and can stop all types of injuries from happening in the event of a crash. Clean up is simplified as the car seat is machine washable. For a low maintenance option that is also highly secure, this seat is perfect.

Another car seat that is great for a child that spends lots of time in the car is the Convaid Carrot 3 Special Needs Car Seat. This seat was intended for children from ages three to fifteen. The source of the comfort is high density foam. There are many extensions that can be attached so this option can actually adapt to your growing child. The support structure is focused on protecting the torso, pelvis, and head. This can give you confidence that your child is safe.

For your medically complex child it can be difficult to find a car seat that is perfect for them. RSVP Home Care has over a hundred years of experience in the healthcare industry. We are devoted to providing our clients with support to improve their lives. We have a therapist available at all hours of the day to ensure that we are always there to help. We are located in Covington, KY and provide service to Northern KY, Ohio, and Indiana. If you are interested in learning information on how to accommodate for your medically complex child, you can contact us today.