RSVP Home Care offers respiratory care and equipment for your infant or child on pediatric ventilators. Your doctor will determine the type of ventilator necessary, either full support or partial. It can seem overwhelming at first, but you are not alone; we can help.

What Pediatric Ventilators Do

A home ventilator is a machine that provides continuous breathing support for your child. Its function is to provide air to the lungs and to remove waste gas (carbon dioxide). Some children require ventilator support 24/7, while some children will only need support occasionally or while they are sleeping. Pediatric ventilators are typically small, relatively light and portable. They are normally powered from electrical outlets, but almost all have internal batteries for short trips outside the home.

RSVP Home Care Support

RSVP Home Care is experienced in caring for infants and children with respiratory failure due to a variety of medical conditions. We are committed to making a positive difference in the lives of children of all ages who are dependent on ventilators or ventilation devices to breathe. We believe that with proper home ventilation support, patients and their families can enjoy greater quality of life. Our respiratory therapist can assist you in learning to care for your child on pediatric ventilators so that you are comfortable and able to use them effectively at home.

Home Ventilator Safety Checks

  1. Assess your child before putting him or her on pediatric ventilation
  2. Make sure the settings on the ventilator match the orders from your doctor
  3. Make sure there are no kinks in the tubing and that all the tubing and connections are in place
  4. Make sure the humidifier is lower than the child’s head. Keep the humidifier full of sterile water.
  5. If you notice too much water dripping from the circuit tubing, change the tubing.
  6. Test the battery life of your unit before making a trip from home, by fully charge the unit and time how long it can last.

24 Hour Support

Our staff is on call 24 hours a day to help with questions or concerns you might have. Having the support you need when you need it gives you peace of mind and more confidence in caring for your child. If you have any questions, call RSVP Home Care today and speak with a trained respiratory therapist who can assist you.

Equipment Listing


Ventilators – LTV 950 and 1150 Trilogy

Ventilator supplies; circuits, humidifiers


Aerosol compressors (50 PSI) & supplies

Nebulizers & supplies

Suction machines & supplies (oral and tracheal)

Trach. Tubes (Shiley, Bivona, Smiths) standard & custom sizes

Tracheostomy supplies

Cough-assist devices


Oxygen concentrators

High pressure systems

Oximeters and Probes


Enteral pumps & poles

Nutrients & feeding kits

G-tubes, N/G tubes & supplies

MIC-KEY buttons & supplies


Complete line of dressings & gauze supplies

Incontinent supplies & Uri logical supplies