Nutrition and Your Complex Child

Talking about what your child eats, how much, how often may not be the most stimulating conversation, but it is one worth having. Your child may be physically satisfied with what they are eating (i.e.-they aren’t hungry) but they may not be getting the right vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to remain healthy.

Malnutrition-What is It?

Malnutrition is defined as the condition of the body when it does not get the right amount of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to maintain healthy organs and healthy tissue function. Malnutrition can contribute or even cause increased sensory, physical, and intellectual difficulties. A malnourished person may be undernourished or overnourished. Malnutrition-What are the Causes? Malnutrition-What are the Symptoms? The signs and symptoms of malnourishment may very depending upon which nutrients are involved. Malnourishment-What Can You Do? So what can you do about it? We know “Your Plate is full? (pun intended). RSVP Home Care is #1 in pediatric home care in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana. With over a century of health industry experience at our fingertips, our goal is to share that expertise with you and your loved ones with excellent care and service. We are providers of durable medical equipment and carry a full line of pediatric enteric feeding equipment. Our respiratory therapists are licensed to practice in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana.