Neurogenic Bladder is a condition where the bladder does not fill properly or does not empty. It is often a symptom children with Myelodysplasia (Spina Bifida) have. It also can be the result of birth defects that affect the spinal cord, cerebral palsy, sacra agenesis or spinal tumors. RSVP Home Care offers home medical equipment for patients with Neurogenic Bladder Dysfunction.

The Goal of Medical Care At Home

Medical care of children with Neurogenic Bladder Dysfunction requires constant vigilance and exceptional sanitary care. Therapy is based on goals to ensure safe, consistent voiding and to prevent urinary tract infections (UTIs) while encouraging urinary continence. The main goal is to protect kidney or renal function.

How is Neurogenic Bladder Treated?

Your doctor will advise you on the best way to treat your child with Neurogenic Bladder.

Your child’s treatment may include:

Left untreated, Neurogenic bladder could lead to renal disease (kidney failure) and further complications. It is important that you follow the recommendations of your doctor.

Home Medical Equipment for Patients With Neurogenic Bladder Dysfunction

RSVP Home Care is dedicated to providing its patients with everything they need to provide proper care for their infant or child. You can depend on expert quality in the products we carry and the supplies we furnish. From closed system kits to a intermittent straight catheter we will help you learn to use the catheter your doctor prescribes and feel comfortable using it. All our catheter products are designed to eliminate exposure to bacteria and provide a safe means of catheterization for your child. If you are in need of home medical equipment for Neurogenic Bladder Dysfunction, call RSVP Home Care today.

Equipment Listing


Ventilators – LTV 950 and 1150 Trilogy

Ventilator supplies; circuits, humidifiers


Aerosol compressors (50 PSI) & supplies

Nebulizers & supplies

Suction machines & supplies (oral and tracheal)

Trach. Tubes (Shiley, Bivona, Smiths) standard & custom sizes

Tracheostomy supplies

Cough-assist devices


Oxygen concentrators

High pressure systems

Oximeters and Probes


Enteral pumps & poles

Nutrients & feeding kits

G-tubes, N/G tubes & supplies

MIC-KEY buttons & supplies


Complete line of dressings & gauze supplies

Incontinent supplies & Uri logical supplies