Children often get sick with common respiratory illnesses, but distinguishing between a normal, common infection or something more serious can be difficult at first. Neuroendocrine Cell Hyperplasia of Infancy, or NEHI, is a rare illness in children that obstructs the airways causing many problems. During the normal breathing process, air enters into the bronchi which divides into smaller airways called bronchioles. These airways end with small bunches of sacs which contain air, called alveoli, that contain blood vessels known as capillaries. This is where oxygen is added into the blood and carbon dioxide is removed as a waste product in the lungs. Without the proper amount of oxygen entering the bloodstream, the lungs can not function correctly, prompting one of the first signs of NEHI in children.

With NEHI, the airways leading to the alveoli sacs in the lungs are not strong and are, in fact, very loose. Without a hard surface, air has difficulty moving into and out of the lungs. With normal breathing, these same airways are strong and capable of inflating and deflating as air moves through without much change, but with NEHI the airways are flaccid, causing them to constrict too much and become too small during exhalation. This causes air that hasn’t been exhaled to get trapped within the alveoli sacs and when new air is taken in, it combines the two, producing less oxygen than normal and lower oxygen levels in the blood. Children with this condition need constant oxygen, and the friendly staff at RSVP Home Care offer the proper equipment and therapy for your child suffering from NEHI.

Most children will show signs of NEHI shortly after birth, but knowing the signs and symptoms of the condition can be helpful. If your child suffers from rapid breathing that worsens at night, problems eating or maintaining weight, and have recently been diagnosed with other diseases such as parainfluenza or RSV, consulting your pediatrician is highly encouraged. Although NEHI may be genetic, there is no solid proof, and there is hope that your child will recover, as most can rid themselves of oxygen treatments as their lungs grow with age. RSVP Home Care offer a full range of medical equipment to meet your child’s needs as well as clinical respiratory services. Each patient receives home visits by license respiratory therapists on staff, and they ensure patient safety by conducting thorough home environment inspections prior to setting up equipment. Before your child is even released for home care, the friendly staff at RSVP will educate you and your family on NEHI and follow up on patient care thereafter. They also offer monthly supplies to each home depending on individual necessities, but if you have equipment issues, an on-call 24/7 RSVP Home Care therapist can assist you at any time for your convenience.

When your child needs the upmost care for NEHI, the experts of RSVP Home Care in Northern Kentucky can provide much more than service or equipment, but peace of mind knowing you’ve chosen a professional staff dedicated to caring for their patients. When considering pediatric respiratory therapists in Greater Cincinnati, choose RSVP Home Care and contact them to start serving your child today.