Medically Complex Children's Respiratory Routines

Respiratory Routines for Medically Complex Children in Covington, Kentucky (KY)

In this article, RSVP Home Care—conveniently located in Covington, Kentucky (KY)—are going to provide you with some professional insight on keeping a respiratory routine with your medically complex child. We also proudly serve parts of Lexington, Louisville, Dayton, and Cincinnati. Contact us today to learn more!

A routine for a medically complex child is an important method for helping them gain confidence. When they have a schedule to follow, they have a better understanding of what is expected from them and how long it takes to complete activities. This allows them to better manage their time and behavior. For children with a metabolic disorder, neuromuscular condition, or respiratory condition, a respiratory routine is essential. Once a daily routine has been implemented, it will help your child avoid possible illness or stress. It could also prevent the onset of pneumonia when they are under the weather. Your child’s lungs will strengthen to achieve the best possible condition for their lungs and airways, and enhance their overall health as well.

A respiratory routine needs to be performed all the time, not just reserved for when the child is sick. The fundamental elements of the routine are to treat underlying issues, keep airways open and free of inflammation, keep secretions from the lungs and airways, and promote active coughing. The traditional method to eliminate secretions is with Chest Physical Therapy, or percussion exercises can be used to mobilize mucus or other secretions as well. Your child’s respiratory therapist or pulmonologist can show you how to do these treatments. Other respiratory exercises can be beneficial to help your child to cough successfully, and to improve their expiration and inspiration. If the exercises cannot be performed or are not sufficient enough to clear the airways, percussive vests and masks can be used. A High Frequency Chest Wall Oscillation vest inflates and deflates in rapid succession to produce coughs and loosen secretions.

In instances where a child’s cough is not as effective as it should be, there are cough assist devices available, though they can also be referred to as an Insufflator-Exsufflator. These utilize bursts of negative and positive pressure in the lungs to produce a cough. Nebulized medications are also offered to aid in the removal of secretions. The medicine is placed in the child’s nebulizer, in order to thin the mucus so coughs are more fruitful.

A habitual respiratory program can help improve your child’s quality of life, and lessen their need for oral steroids and antibiotics. You can speak with your child’s respiratory therapist or pulmonologist as they can develop a routine that is most beneficial. Once you have a routine to follow, it should be followed on a daily basis. Although when your child is sick, the routine should occur more frequently and for a longer period of time.

If you are looking to create a respiratory routine for your child, RSVP Home Care can help you. We have respiratory specialists dedicated to helping pediatric clients. In addition to respiratory services, we also offer high quality home healthcare medical equipment, supplies, and products. We are located in Covington, KY to proudly serve Northern KY and Cincinnati. Contact us today to learn more about our services.