Medically Complex Children & Natural Disasters

Medically Complex Children & Natural Disasters

Natural disasters can occur without any notice and wreak havoc. If you have a medically complex child, your concern during the situation is probably elevated. Your child has additional needs to attend to, so keeping them safe takes additional measures. Here are some methods to ensure your child’s well-being while experiencing a hazardous weather event or other unforeseen disaster.

It is crucial to have a plan for what to do in the event of a natural disaster. Being underprepared can be a terrible mistake. Gather all the necessary provisions and medical supplies that may be necessary. Create a portable disaster kit with water and food. A radio is good to have as it allows you to hear updates on weather conditions. Entertainment options are helpful to pass the time. Tools like flashlights and batteries are ideal if you lose power. Keep important documents that you may need access to in the kit, so you know you will be able to get to them. Make sure to also pack first aid items, extra clothing, and personal hygiene supplies. This kit will allow you to have some peace of mind knowing that your family will be taken care of in the event of catastrophe. If you child relies on powered machines, make sure to have a working generator on hand.

If your medically complex child is dependent on technology, notify your local fire and police departments. They will do wellness checks during natural disasters to check to see if your child has access to a source of power. They can also send a social worker to make sure your family is safe and has everything your child needs. It is also beneficial to contact your power company and let them know about your home has child who must have power for their medical devices. If they are aware of this fact, they will prioritize getting power back to your area. Getting to know your neighbors and informing them of your child’s needs can be helpful too. If you run out of supplies, your neighbors may be able to lend you a helping hand.

It is also important to remain calm. Your child will be able to sense your worry, and it can cause them to become stressed. Learn and practice calming exercises with your child preemptively. Make sure to explain the situation in words your son or daughter will understand. Move them to a safe environment that has no windows so there is no risk of broken glass. After the natural disaster has passed, you should walk through your home to see if there is any damage that can cause unsafe conditions.

At RSVP Home Care, we are dedicated to improving the lives of all of our clients. We provide pediatric home care equipment for children with complex medical conditions. If you are curious about how our equipment would function during a disaster, or you have any other questions for our staff, please contact us. Our management and staff have over a hundred years of experience in the healthcare industry. We are available 24 hours a day for emergency situations. We are located in Covington, KY and proudly serve Northern KY and Cincinnati. Call us today if you need more information on keeping your medically complex child safe.