Home medical equipment is improving all the time. New computerized units are smaller and lightweight helping families manage the care of children with breathing difficulties and children who need help keeping their airways clear. Many of the devices widely used for respiratory care are becoming available for home use with newer models that make portability and reliability the norm. We will feature two products here that have new versions worth talking about.

The Respironics Cough Assist T10

Many of you are familiar with the Trilogy Ventilator. It has no knobs but operates with digital technology similar to a computer. The new Respironics Cough Assist works in similar fashion. It is designed to help your child produce coughs by simulating a cough with positive and negative air pressure. The new version has no knobs. If you have used the older version, you know how easy it was to change settings just by bumping the knobs. Many times the air pressure would be dangerously high or too low because the knobs were inadvertently changed. Digital settings on the new computerized model prevent this from happening. You can also track your use to determine the best settings for your child. The new cough assist is much smaller and lighter than the original version. This makes it completely portable. A detachable battery is interchangeable with the Trilogy Ventilator batteries too. You can also use any stands or wheelchair attachments that you currently use for your Trilogy unit. This is a big improvement to older versions of the cough assist.

The DeVilbiss Vacu-Aide Quiet Suction Unit

If your child has difficulty managing their secretions, you will need a vacuum suction machine. Older DeVilbiss Suction Machines were notoriously loud. This made suctioning your child discretely quite a problem. The newer model boasts a 50% reduction in noise level. This is a great advantage for suctioning your child in public. It is also more comfortable for your child. It has a new integrated canister lid that houses the filters. This reduces the number of parts you have to carry. When you are using the new DeVilbiss Vacu-Aide, you have to be careful not to get the filters wet when cleaning the lid. Wet filters prevent the machine from working. Despite the filter issue, the new DeVilviss Vacu-Aide is a welcome improvement to older louder versions.

Home Medical Equipment Is Improving All The Time

As technology and home care improves, so does the medical equipment involved in caring for your child at home. There are many new devices available today that make caring for your child with respiratory problems easier for you and your child. Issues with portability, accuracy and ease are continually being addressed. At RSVP Home Care we work diligently to make sure we stay up with new technology and better equipment as it becomes thoroughly tested and available for home use. If you need home medical equipment for your child with respiratory needs, call RSVP today.