RSVP Supplies home medical equipment for patients with chromosomal conditions in Northern Kentucky, Lexington, Louisville and Cincinnati Ohio. Having personal respiratory therapists in your home who understand pediatric and infant care will provide you with a substantial resource and the support that makes a big difference in your child’s well being.

What IS A Chromosomal Defect?

Chromosomes hold your genes that store the instructions on how your body grows and works. Most people are born with 23 pairs of chromosomes (46 in all). You get one set from your mother and one from your father to complete each pair. Children and infants who are born with chromosomal defects have too many or two few chromosomes. They may also have chromosomes that have been rearranged or repeated. About 80% or pregnancies with chromosomal abnormalities result in miscarriage. Problems can occur with chromosomes and genes as well; so often, chromosomal defects or conditions are also know as genetic conditions. These can be passed on from the parent or they can occur randomly as cells develop.

What Happens To A Child With a Chromosomal Abnormality?

The severity of the condition depends on the chromosome or genes being affected by the abnormality. You may have a child with slight physical or mental deficiencies or a child born with Down syndrome or another disorder caused by genetic defects. Each child is different and comes with his or her own set of medical concerns.

What is Down Syndrome?

Children born with Down syndrome have a trisomy 21 condition. In other words, they have 3 chromosomes on the 21st pair instead of two. Infants and children with Down syndrome have more pulmonary disorders than other children due to their physical development, delay in development and immunity concerns. This often results in more hospitalizations and other complications.

RSVP Supplies Home Medical Equipment For Patients With Chromosomal Conditions

RSVP Homecare Inc. is a locally owned durable medical equipment and respiratory service company that specializes in pediatrics. RSVP is owned and operated by respiratory therapists who are licensed to practice in the states of Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana. RSVP offers medical equipment and respiratory therapy as prescribed by your doctor to help you maintain the best health for your child. They work closely with your medical team to ensure you are receiving the treatments and care your child needs. They are experienced in helping families and children with chromosomal conditions.

RSVP Homecare Inc. is dedicated to providing you with the best services and equipment and offering you training and information to help in the well being of your child. They are available 24/7 to answer questions as they arise and to provide you with the highest level of support and care. They accept Medicaid in both Kentucky and Ohio and most insurance. If you have questions or need to check on the availability with your insurance, call RSVP today.

Equipment Listing


Ventilators – LTV 950 and 1150 Trilogy

Ventilator supplies; circuits, humidifiers


Aerosol compressors (50 PSI) & supplies

Nebulizers & supplies

Suction machines & supplies (oral and tracheal)

Trach. Tubes (Shiley, Bivona, Smiths) standard & custom sizes

Tracheostomy supplies

Cough-assist devices


Oxygen concentrators

High pressure systems

Oximeters and Probes


Enteral pumps & poles

Nutrients & feeding kits

G-tubes, N/G tubes & supplies

MIC-KEY buttons & supplies


Complete line of dressings & gauze supplies

Incontinent supplies & Uri logical supplies