Keeping Your Medically Complex Child Warm

While it may seem very far away right now, winter will soon be upon us, and this is even more important for our medically complex children than it is for us. Because medically complex children are often much more sensitive to temperature shifts and the other things that come with winter, making sure they are prepared for the cold is oftentimes a literal life-saver. We’ve still got time to prepare, so take these tips from RSVP Home Care to make sure your medically complex child is ready for the winter.

The Situation at Hand

While wheelchairs are oftentimes very necessary for the comfort and mobility of medically complex children, they are usually easier to maneuver in the summer than they are in the winter. This is because winter wear is often bulky and difficult to wear with a wheelchair, particularly those that have harnesses or upper-body supports in place. This doesn’t mean that your child should go without a coat or jacket, so what are you to do?

Your Options

This is a problem that is not specific to your child, so thankfully options have been created to handle the situation. If your child does not require upper-body supports in their wheelchair, back-closing coats and jackets are a great option. This makes it easy for them to get in and out of a wheelchair frequently and to remove the coat when necessary. If your child does require upper-body supports, then a wheelchair cape or poncho is a great option. These are placed over your child in the wheelchair, including over any harnesses or supports, to keep them warm. These are also easily removed for when your child goes inside or needs to come out of their wheelchair.

Keeping Hands and Feet Warm

For children who have conditions that affect their hands and feet, it can be difficult to find ways to keep their limbs warm. While most children can wear standard socks on their feet, it can be particularly difficult to find gloves. If your child can’t fit into traditional gloves, consider purchasing gloves that close with a flap rather than being pulled on, or mittens without thumbs for easy removal.

Once you get your child back home, they still need to be healthy and cared for, which is where we come in. RSVP Home Care is Northern Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana’s most trusted source for home health equipment for medically complex children. Contact us or visit us at our office in Covington, KY today.