Most “soon to be? parents experience some level of anxiety about the upcoming arrival, so we read books, and talk to our own parents, and friends, about what to expect. You prepare a nursery and purchase or receive as gifts what seems like an enormous amount of clothing and supplies. The day finally arrives and you bring home your “bundle of joy.? All of a sudden, your very organized life becomes complicated by feeding schedules, diapers, and sleepless nights. Most parents have been prepared for these changes in their lifestyle. What you weren’t prepared for is, a baby that “fails to thrive?. Your baby seems to spit up all the time. He doesn’t act satisfied after eating, in fact just the opposite. After eating he acts like he is uncomfortable. Sometimes he vomits what seems like his whole feeding. You have been reassured by your pediatrician that reflux in children is common and will go away as he grows.

Reflux in Infants

Reflux in infants is common. Reflux is typically caused by a weak lower esophageal sphincter, the ring of muscle that sits between the esophagus and stomach. When food is ingested and passes into the stomach, this muscle tightens, acting like a valve, that prevents food from “backing up? and re-entering the esophagus. Over time this muscle begins to strengthen, and combined with the introduction of solid foods and an upright posture, reflux generally subsides by about 18-months of age. Occasionally reflux becomes more chronic in nature and may require treatment. When your child’s reflux is accompanied by other symptoms, it should be medically evaluated.

Signs that it May Be More than Reflux

Medical Conditions that Imitate Reflux

When reflux doesn’t resolve naturally, or occurs with other symptoms, it should be medically evaluated. Your child may have a Gastrointestinal Motility Disorder. There are multiple conditions that fall under this heading. Some of them are; Achalasia, Hirschsprungs Disease, Intestinal pseudo-obstruction, and gastroparesis,

Medical Care of the Complex Child

With the enormous advances in medical care, many children with complex medical issues are now cared for at home, rather than an in an institution. Many families care for children with significant feeding and respiratory issues and the need for dependencies on technology. If you find that the supplies you purchased for the care of your infant don’t meet the needs of your medically compromised child, call RSVP Homecare. RSVP Homecare is Northern Kentucky’s source for durable medical equipment. We are a locally owned company that specializes in pediatric care. Our Respiratory Therapists are licensed to practice in Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana.