RSVP supplies patients with Edwards Syndrome home medical equipment. If your child suffers from Trisomy 18 or Edwards Syndrome, we can help. Many of our infants and young adults with Trisomy 18 have varying degrees of difficulty that requires respiratory therapy and medical equipment for the home. Your physician and medical team will provide you with the right prescription for your child’s needs.

What is Edwards Syndrome?

Edwards Syndrome or Trisomy 18 refers to the difficulties that arise from having an error in cell division that causes an extra chromosome 18 to develop. Similar to Trisomy 21 Downs Syndrome, trisomy 18 is more severe. It will cause more severe life threatening difficulties throughout the life of your child. About 1 in 2,500 pregnancies result in Edwards Syndrome with only about 1 in 6000 live births. There are varying degrees of Edwards Syndrome symptoms depending on how many cells are affected. About 5% of cases involve Mosaic Trisomy 18 where only some of the child’s cells are involved. A rare condition also exists where part of a chromosome 18 attaches to nearby chromosomes, which cause different defects. Besides affecting many of your child’s organs you may also experience pneumonia and chronic infections, upper respiratory obstructions, central apnea and other severe respiratory symptoms.

Why Your Child Needs Medical Equipment

Your child or infant with Edwards Syndrome will likely have poor feeding ability, poor coordination of muscles used to breathe, suck and swallow. They may experience respiratory problems, delayed growth and other life threatening complications. Your infant or child may have heart problems requiring surgery and in some cases tracheostomy. Your child may undergo various heart and other organ surgeries that require intensive care at home. We can help you and your family by providing the medical equipment you need. Our services are convenient and most are covered by your insurance.

RSVP Home Care Support and Edwards Syndrome Home Medical Equipment

RSVP home care can provide you with home support from licensed respiratory therapists. As part of your medical team, we can help by providing respiratory therapy, answering questions and teaching you how to best care for the respiratory needs of your child. No matter what time of day or night, a skilled respiratory therapist is on call to help answer questions you have. Having knowledgeable support when you need it will help you as you take care of your child.

As a home medical equipment company, we can provide you with all the medical supplies you need to care for your child. When you need quality home medical equipment for Edwards Syndrome in Northern Kentucky, Lexington, Louisville or Cincinnati Ohio, you can depend on RSVP Home Care.

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Equipment Listing


Ventilators – LTV 950 and 1150 Trilogy

Ventilator supplies; circuits, humidifiers


Aerosol compressors (50 PSI) & supplies

Nebulizers & supplies

Suction machines & supplies (oral and tracheal)

Trach. Tubes (Shiley, Bivona, Smiths) standard & custom sizes

Tracheostomy supplies

Cough-assist devices


Oxygen concentrators

High pressure systems

Oximeters and Probes


Enteral pumps & poles

Nutrients & feeding kits

G-tubes, N/G tubes & supplies

MIC-KEY buttons & supplies


Complete line of dressings & gauze supplies

Incontinent supplies & Uri logical supplies