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Cough-Assist Devices for Pediatric Patients in Cincinnati, Dayton, Lexington and Louisville Areas

Cough Assist by Respironics

While a cough is never a pleasant experience, the act of coughing is an essential part of maintaining your health. Coughing helps clear out the windpipe and lungs, freeing them from mucus, airborne particles, and bits of food. But, for some with certain medical conditions, coughing to clear the airways isn’t such any easy thing to do. That’s where cough-assist devices come into play.

Cough-assist devices work by introducing positive airflow, then quickly reverse the flow of air in order to mimic a strong, healthy cough. This positive-negative shift in air pressure is sometimes referred to as insufflation/exsufflation by medical professionals. But, the effect is still the same — clearing the bronchioles and lungs of irritants, which allows the patient to breathe easier, as well as prevent infection and choking hazards. Cough assist devices can be used via mouthpiece, mask, or trach.

Most likely, your child’s doctor has ordered a cough-assist device because they are unable to have productive coughs on their own. RSVP Home Care will walk you through the process — call us today at 859-727-7600 to get started.

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