Coping Tips for Medically Complex Children

When it comes to hearing the diagnosis of your child, or having to navigate new medical situations, or even just hitting an emotional wall, you may find yourself in a situation that you just don’t know how to handle. Don’t worry, it happens to everyone. There is no right or wrong way to cope with a situation, especially one that involves your child. However, we do have some tips that could help you cope and that you can adapt depending on your specific coping mechanisms and situation.

The first tip is to stop suppressing your emotions in these situations. It is common to want to avoid dealing with whatever emotions that you may be feeling in the moment, but it is very unhealthy to harbor those sentiments. You coping with the emotional stress will not be interpreted as a sign of weakness, but rather a testament to your strength. There is nothing wrong with having a bad moment, few hours, or even a day where you just don’t have to be “on? as the super parent that you are expected to be. There are times that you are tired, stressed beyond belief, or feeling on edge, and at these times it is okay to break down. This does not mean that you love your child any less, but rather is just a reflection of how the time, effort, and love that you show your child can build up at times.

The second tip is one that may be difficult at first or that you may feel some guilt about; treat yourself. Take a break. Enjoy the peace and quiet. Sleep in an extra thirty minutes. Fit time into your schedule for yourself. In our current society, we are fixated on having no off days. But you also need to be at your best health to ensure the health of your child. Taking a break is not you avoiding your responsibility, but rather you regaining your strength to go back to caring for your child.

The third, and most popular, tip is to find yourself a group of people that you can rely on during those tough moments. A good support system can really change your entire perspective on a situation and remind you that you aren’t alone in what you are going through. Similarly, although a physical group is a great resource, there are many online groups dedicated to parents of medically complex children from all over the world. Through these forums, you can chat with other parents and get advice or even use them as an outlet to express what you are going through.

At the end of the day, it is important that you find the coping mechanism that works best for you and your family. Everyone may cope differently, but everyone does need to cope from time to time. It is okay to have days where it is a victory just to make it through the day because those days make the victories even more satisfying. For those days where you may need some extra help or have inquiries in regards to your medically complex child and their needs, contact us at RSVP Home Care and Respiratory Specialists. We are located in Covington, KY and serve the areas of Northern Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana.