Cleaning Tips for Parents of Complex Children

Keeping a house clean and tidy is a difficult task for anyone, especially those with children. Similarly, the same can be said with even more confidence for those who have a medically complex child. With all of the distractions and obstacles of parenting, cleaning can be the least of your priorities. However, with a child who undergoes infusion therapy or deals with feeding tubes, cleanliness is crucial to their health and safety. But no need to stress, we have all of the tips that you need to maintain a clean house and a happy child.

The main concern in regards to cleanliness is preventing the possibility and spread of infection. The ideal setting for such a treatment would be a room complete with tools that is completely sterilized. However, that vision is nowhere realistic for parents with jobs, other children, and obligations preventing them from being able to have a room in their house totally dedicated to these injections. And, in all honesty, there really is no need to sterilize an entire room in your home when there are a few smaller measures you can take to achieve the same goal.

On a medical show there are always instrument trays used and transported by the various hospital staff. This can be easily replicated at home by using just a regular baking sheet. It is recommended that you buy the largest baking tray that you can with raised edges to ensure that the materials don’t slide off the tray. Stainless steel is preferred but the cheaper alternative is an aluminum container, although it isn’t as durable. This may seem like a minor step but it could make a big difference in making sure all of your infusion instruments are in one location, sterilized, and compact. For instructions on how to clean the tray, read here.

Organization is truly the key to maintaining cleanliness in your home. Once an area is organized and stays that way with frequency, you will notice that it is much less overwhelming to clean and is easier to keep sanitary. A tip for keeping an area clean, especially if there is a certain place you always undergo the infusion therapy in your home, is to designate that area a “safe zone.? By creating this barrier around that area, it can halt your other children from playing in that area and prevent any risk of infection. Similarly, this “safe zone? does not have to be an entire room, as that isn’t feasible for some families, but rather it can be a couch, table, or even just a corner of a room.

Although it is important to maintain a clean home and space for your medically complex child, it is also just as important to be prepared and pay attention. In the designated “safe zone,? keep materials close by to educate you on certain steps or aspects of the process. Similarly, don’t hesitate to call your resources to ask a question or if you have any hesitation. At RSVP Home Care, we understand the various needs of medically complex children and are dedicated to ensuring both you and your child safe and reliable care. We are located in Covington, Kentucky and serve the areas of Northern Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana.