Caring for Your Medically Complex Child's Teeth

Dentistry and tooth care are things that all of us have to deal with throughout our lives, but aside from being something that none of us particularly looks forward to, most of us don’t have to deal with significant dental issues throughout our lives. As with many other things, this is not quite so simple when it comes to medically complex children. While you may think of your child’s medical problems being primarily respiratory, muscular, or neurological, this can have unforeseen consequences on their dental health as well. It is because of this that RSVP Home Care of Covington, KY is here to help you make sense of your medically complex child ’s dental health.

What kinds of dental issues do medically complex children have?

Certain kinds of medical issues that would give a child medically complex status can also cause or exacerbate certain kinds of dental problems. If your child has a feeding tube instead of chewing food manually, they may be more prone to tooth decay than a non-medically complex child. Similarly, if your child experiences sensory problems, they may grind their teeth, causing damage. Other conditions, like immune deficiencies, make tooth care especially important so as to prevent possible infection.

Who can take care of a medically complex child’s dental health?

Your first thought may be “Well, a dentist, of course!” but it can actually be more difficult than you would expect to find a dentist who is both qualified and willing to work with a medically complex child. If you are struggling to find the right dental practice, there is one place you may want to check: many children’s hospitals actually have dentistry divisions. The benefit of this is that children’s hospitals are already well-equipped to deal with children that have serious medical issues, so they would be able to help your medically complex children with all the care they need.

While we are not dentists here at RSVP Home Care, we are here to help you with other aspects of keeping your child healthy and happy. When it comes to the home health equipment that you child needs, we are your number-one source in the Northern Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana. We are located in Covington, KY. Contact us today!