Building a relationship with your Child's Nurse

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Although it seems that the greatest difficulty in seeking out home nursing for your child is finding the perfect caretaker, what comes after you hire a nurse is just as challenging. You spend hours, possibly even days, of effort and patience to finding the best in-home nursing specialist for your medically complex child that when it comes to working with them in your home you seem lost. Building a relationship with your child’s caretaker is just as important as the hiring process, although you approach both a little differently. Check out these tips on how to form a relationship with your child’s in-home nursing specialist.

Set Your Own Boundaries

First and foremost, it is principal that you set your own boundaries of what you want the relationship to be between you and the specialist. Some may prefer a relation that is strictly professional while others want the nurse to feel as though they are part of the family. Either way, whichever you decide, it is important to define the type of relationship you prefer and openly communicate the parameters of such with your child’s nurse. This nurse is someone who you, your child, and other family members will spend a majority of your time with. Therefore, it is integral for the comfort of all involved that you talk with the caretaker about the type of relationship you are seeking before you take any steps toward relationship formation.

Trust and Patience are Virtues

Each and every medically complex child is different and has a varying set of needs. An in-home nurse can be trained up to the highest degree and still have to adapt with each new situation and child. The connection and care between you, your child, and their nurse is a learning experience , and it is important to recognize it as such. You have to trust in their ability to handle the responsibility of your child and have patience in their methods, even though that may be difficult with every new challenge. Remember that you chose them as the in-home nurse for your child for a reason and that trust will help foster a strong relationship.

Open Communication is Key

Just as with setting the boundaries of the relationship, a continual flow of communication between you and your child’s nursing specialist will help develop a healthy relationship. It is important to note that although the caretaker is working for you, that your relationship is a still a safe space where they should feel comfortable talking with you about anything relating to your child and their medical needs. Honesty, from both parties, is a crucial component in communicating within a relationship because in the end, it is all about the well-being and happiness of your child. In-home care is designed to assist you and your child in helping to meet goals, grow both independently and as a family, and take on various roles that allow you to be the parent you want to be for your child. When searching for medical equipment and services, check out RSVP Home Care and Respiratory Specialists They are located in Covington, KY and serve the Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati areas.