Budget Tips for Parents with Complex Children

When you have a complex child, financial issues are the last thing that you need to add stress to your life. Because complex children often have high medical costs, it is important to budget properly to ensure that you never worry about your child’s care and happiness. Let RSVP Home Care of Covington, Kentucky, show you a few budgeting tips for parents with complex children.

Plan Ahead

When it comes to financial and budget concerns, the most important thing you can do when you have a complex child is to plan ahead. When you have a special needs child, unforeseen and sudden medical expenses will happen. There is no way around this, but there are ways that you can ensure that your family remain safe from financial woes. If you can invest in a special needs financial planner, do so. These counselors are trained specifically to help families develop day-to-day budgets or set up back-up funds for large medical expenses your child may have in the future. If you cannot afford a financial planner, there are many books available that can teach you how to do this. Budgeting your money every single month is essential. Set up a budget for all your expenses and stick to it.

Seek Out Programs

Many programs are available to help families with special needs children. Research what your state offers and apply for everything that may be available. Medicaid, Secondary Medicaid Coverage, Title V, WIC, and SSI programs are all required in every state and you should use these benefits if you can. In addition, look for free assistance programs in your area. Shriner’s and St. Jude Hospitals provide free medical care for children with certain medical conditions. Some states even offer free medical clinics, free legal clinics, and free care services.


Plan everything you are going to buy. Take stock of your groceries before you go to the grocery store to ensure you are buying what you need. Coupons are a great way to save money and even though saving 50 cents on a few items may seem like it doesn’t make a huge impact, eventually the savings will add up. In addition, if you see a great deal on a food you frequently buy, buy a lot of this item at its discounted price and use your stock over time. While many families go to the grocery every week or so, consider planning your shopping trips for a month worth of food. This will help keep you on budget for the month and make you really think about what you are buying.


One area where you can save money in your budget is clothing. Look for deals online and shop around for your cheapest options. Limit yourself to sale items for new clothing. Wait until the end of the season to buy clothes for the upcoming seasons. In addition, secondhand stores are great for growing children who will grow out of their clothing in months. Challenge yourself to stick to a firm clothing budget for all family members and avoid impulse buys that are not essential. Making sure that you and your family have enough money to live on and for future emergencies can be a daunting task, but it is not something that is unattainable. It will take hard work and rigorous planning but you can achieve stability and peace of mind. At RSVP Home Care, serving Northern Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana, we put our patients and their families first, and are always here to help.