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Tips for Avoiding Unnecessary Hospital Visits

While hospital visits are almost unavoidable while raising a medically complex child, there are many tips you can keep in mind to help eliminate unnecessary visits. Because hospital trips are usually costly, stressful for both you and your child, and time consuming, implementing even one of these tips could help eliminate some of these stressors. Let RSVP Home Care, located in Covington, Kentucky, give you a few RSVP tips for avoiding unnecessary hospital visits.

Stay Prepared

Because complex children are at a higher risk of illness than other children, thus leading to extended and excessive trips to the hospital, it is important that you prepare yourself to spot warning signs for when your child may be getting sick. Keep a journal of your child’s day-to-day vital signs, like their O2 stats, respiration rates, heart rate, blood pressure, and general behavior. If you get in the habit of doing this, when your child’s vital signs are suddenly off one day, you can track the illness or problem and know what to look for from that point on. Once you discover and understand what your child’s normal stats are, it becomes easier to spot warning signs for potential illnesses. This allows you to either treat the issue before it gets out of hand and requires a trip to the hospital, or allows you to contact your primary care doctor for a plan of action.

Seizure and Sick Plans

If your complex child does get sick often, having seizure, sick, and emergency plans that are written down, clearly outlined, and able to be understood by all of your child’s caretakers is essential. Complex children may need to be given medicine in non-typical ways, and it is necessary that every detail of their care is outlined. In addition to helping caretakers who may not be your child’s main caretaker, these plans can also help keep you calm when you begin to panic over your child getting sick. Follow your written routine, and stay calm and grounded to assure that you don’t overreact to a situation that you could handle or scare your child.

Call Your Doctor

As briefly mentioned above, when you start to suspect that your child may be ill, call your primary care doctor right away. Nighttime is often more severe when it comes to illness, so if you notice symptoms during the day make sure you contact someone about your concerns before they get worse. If you are tracking your child’s day-to-day vitals and notice something off, it is better to call and get advice before the problem becomes hospital-worthy. Though our primary care doctor may still recommend that you bring your complex child to the hospital, you will feel more relaxed knowing that the problem is being monitored early, and that you are not going to the hospital in a rush of panic.

Follow Your Instincts

Lastly, make sure you follow your instincts about your complex child. You know your child best, and if you suspect that something is wrong, do not hesitate to call your child’s specialists and primary care doctors about the issue. ERs are not ideal for complex children because they expose your child to other illnesses that you may not be used to handling, so catching a problem early can help keep your child away from the hospital and healthy.

RSVP Home Care

At RSVP Home Care, serving Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana, we put our patients and their families first, and are always here to help with any questions or concerns. Our in-home nursing professionals have experience with a wide range of medical conditions and offer a variety of services for your medically complex child. If you have questions about ways to avoid hospital visits or about care management plans for your child, or are interested in any of our medical services, contact us today!

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