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RSVP joins the Pediatric Home Service family

RSVP Welcomes PHS To Kentucky

RSVP has been proudly serving the medically complex population in Kentucky and Ohio since 1999.  Providing specialized respiratory care is what we've always been about, but we know our many of our patients require support from a variety of in home service providers to stay healthy at home. In order to continue providing the very best, most comprehensive care for our patients, we've decided to partner with an organization who also sees patient-centric care as the only way to provide care.

We are proud to introduce you to, Pediatric Home Service (PHS). An independent comprehensive home care provider, serving patients in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Texas, PHS has been around for 30 years and are leaders in innovation, research, and comprehensive services to support the medically complex pediatric population.

“We are looking forward to bringing additional resources to our population, including PHS’s in-depth education materials,” said RSVP Home Care Founder, Mike Downing. “This partnership is an opportunity to strengthen and, over time, expand our services.”

The primary focus throughout the transition will be on ensuring the continued high level care, and access to staff that our patients and health care professional partners have learned to expect from us. We hope to bring more services in the future to even further support this population in their homes and communities.

For the next six to 12 months, RSVP Home Care will carry a co-brand with PHS before transitioning to a unified brand under the Pediatric Home Service name.

Patients will not see a disruption in services or care. Their primary clinician, access to equipment and supplies, billing, and ordering will remain consistent.  

We'd love for you to learn more about our new partner by visiting their website or checking out their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and YouTube channels.

Read the full press release in the PHS newsroom here.

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