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Power Outages with Medically Complex Children

In this article, RSVP Home Care – conveniently located in Covington, Kentucky (KY) – is here to tell you how you can prepare for power outages with medically complex children. We specialize in providing pediatric care and supplies for respiratory conditions.

Natural disasters are an unexpected circumstance that can render your home powerless. Power outages with a medically complex child reliant on electronic devices can be extremely dangerous. Being prepared for this type of event will ensure your child remains safe. It is crucial to have a plan, so you can have absolute certainty that your child’s equipment will continue to provide support. There are several steps you can do ahead of time to prevent any stress and worry during electricity disruptions.

Purchasing a generator will allow your home to have continuous power. This can be crucial if the battery of your child’s machines become drained. The generator will give you peace of mind that if the worst happens, you know your child will be fine. Generators run on gasoline, so make sure your home has a supply of gas on hand. Before a hurricane, tornado, or flood that can cause the electricity to go out, you should check how much gas you have. There is no telling when power will be restored, and it is better to have more than you will need than not enough. A generator is your greatest asset in this type of situation.

You should notify your local police and fire departments to let them know your household has family members that are dependent on technology. During emergency, police or firemen will do wellness checks to ensure your medically complex child is okay. The police can even send a social worker that will check on your child’s safety and can get you any supplies you need. The authorities are available to help you when in crisis. It is a good idea to inform them before a power outage happens, so it is on record, and they know to provide your family with assistance.

Similarly to telling local enforcement officers, you should also tell your neighbors about your child and their needs. Your neighbors may be able to lend your family supplies during an outage. They can also help keep your street clear in case you have to take your child somewhere else.

Your power company should also know about your child as well. They should be aware that your household has someone who is dependent on technology and must have access to electricity. You should have your child’s doctor send the power company paperwork that identifies your home as power reliant. With this knowledge, your power company will make your home a priority and focus their energy on restoring your power. You should regularly contact the power provider to ensure they do not forget.

RSVP Home Care specializes in pediatric home care. We provide home medical equipment and supplies for medically complex children. Our experts will explain how the device functions, so you can have confidence that you are using it properly and that your child will receive the best results. Our primary focus is to make sure the children are comfortable, safe, and healthy. We are located in Covington, KY to provide our services to Northern Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, and the greater Cincinnati, OH area. Call us today.

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