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Medical Oxygen Equipment for Children

Our atmosphere is made up of a complex mixture of different gases that allow our planet to sustain life. This includes nitrogen, argon, carbon dioxide, and small amounts of a variety of other gases. This unique combination allows us to breathe, allows plants to grow, and ensures that life is able to continue on our planet. However, one of these gases is more important than the others: oxygen. Oxygen is the gaseous byproduct of photosynthesis, the process through which plants are able to gain nutrients from the sun, and is more important than any other gas in ensuring that humans and animals alike are able to breathe. In fact, every system in our body relies on the certainty of receiving adequate oxygen, so if you are ever deprived of it, there can be serious consequences. This is why we are proud to provide medical oxygen equipment for children near Cincinnati, OH.

Oxygen and the Respiratory System

The way that oxygen is introduced into our bodies is obviously through our respiratory system. When we breathe, the air that we inhale enters our lungs, and gases like oxygen are transferred into our bloodstreams through a process called gas exchange. Gas exchange is absolutely vital to ensuring that our blood can carry oxygen to the other parts of our bodies that need it, but if you or your medically complex child struggle to breathe, you may not be getting all the oxygen into your lungs that you need to ensure proper functioning of the rest of your body. One way to help solve this problem is with medical oxygen equipment. This equipment provides you or your child with concentrated levels of oxygen to ensure that, even if they struggle to breathe, they will still get the oxygen that they need.

Oxygen and the Circulatory System

The thin membranes that separate your lungs from your circulatory system allow for the gas transfer that brings oxygen from your lungs and places it in your veins. Your circulatory system acts like a highway that carries oxygen and vital nutrients throughout your body, allowing your important muscles and organs to function properly. Other equipment that we carry, such as pulse oximeters, can be used to ensure that the levels of oxygen in your child’s blood are at appropriate levels, and can work in tandem with medical oxygen equipment.

Oxygen and the Nervous System

The nervous system is more than just the nerves that allow us to feel. It also includes our brain, the single organ that controls all functions in our body, including the ability to experience conscious thought. As with all other systems in our body, oxygen is absolutely essential to ensure proper brain function, and even small periods of being deprived of oxygen can result in lasting brain damage. To ensure that your child receives all the oxygen that they need to maintain healthy brain function, medical oxygen equipment can be an integral part of your child’s home health regimen.

To learn more about medical oxygen equipment for children near Cincinnati, OH, contact RSVP Home Care today. We are conveniently located in Covington, KY, but we also proudly serve the surrounding 70-mile radius, including Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati, OH.

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