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Keeping Your Child’s Medical Equipment Organized

When you are the parent of a medically complex child, you will undoubtedly be faced with the need to store medical equipment within your home to care for them. While you should not feel pressured to disrupt your organization system if it works for you, there are a few easy organization and storage tips to consider that will help keep your child, you, and any additional caretakers happy. Let RSVP Home Care of Covington, Kentucky, show you these simple tips for keeping your child’s medical equipment organized.

Labels and Records

Labels are incredibly important when it comes to organization and this is especially the case with medical equipment. Labels will not only keep you organized, they will also help anyone who is a secondary care-taker for your child. While you may understand your organization system for your child’s medical equipment without labels, anyone else will probably be clueless. To make your life easier when you are receiving help, and for an added sense of organization, place labels on every drawer where you keep medical equipment and stick to those labels. Not only do labels make things easier to organize, they will also force you to keep specific supplies in one area, which will help you better determine when you need to restock or order more. In addition to labels, keeping a list of expiration dates, dates received, maintenance dates, and supplier names and numbers near your equipment will help you if there is ever a problem with your equipment. Keep a notebook or dry-erase board near these items and write everything down so you know the dates.


If you have a lot of supplies, like many people caring for a medically complex child will, it is necessary to organize your equipment by priority. Keep items that are used daily in plain view and in an easily accessible area. Because these items will be used frequently, keeping them in an area that is convenient to you will make your day easier. For items that don’t need to be used as frequently, find storage that is out of sight, like a closet or extra room. Keeping these things hidden will make the equipment feel less overwhelming and keep your house feeling more like a home rather than a hospital.

Make it Kid-friendly

In the same vein of keeping your home feeling like a home rather than a hospital or doctor’s office, create kid-friendly medical storage areas so things don’t look so clinical in your home or child’s bedroom. Oxygen tank covers with fun patterns and designs are a great way to cover up this bulky machinery. Storage cubbies and bins in fun colors will keep the room feeling vibrant and bright while still providing you with the materials you need to care for your child. Even though your child needs medical equipment in their room, you want to make sure it still feels like a safe and comfortable bedroom for them, not just a room filled with medical equipment. For other storage tips or information about medical equipment, storage, and medical services, RSVP Home Care, proudly serving Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati, can help with all your needs. Contact our team of experts today with any questions you may have!

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