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How We Can Help Patients with Pompe Disease

Pompe disease occurs due to the inability of the body to create a protein capable of breaking down glycogen, a complex sugar, for energy. This leads to an excessive amount of sugar to build up then damages the muscles and organs. The areas that are primarily affected are the muscles, liver, and heart. Difficulty breathing and muscle weakness are two symptoms of the condition. Each person will have a different experience, but there are treatment options that can make it more manageable. There is no cure, but it is possible to relieve symptoms and help your child live a longer life. Here are some ways how we can help patients with Pompe disease near Cincinnati, OH.

Difficulty swallowing is a large issue that those with Pompe disease may be suffering from. This can cause nutrition deficiency to occur as they are not getting all the nutrients they need. The trouble eating also leads to the inability to gain weight. Since the child is not consuming a healthy diet, they will not grow as they should. To ensure proper development and weight gain, a feeding tube may be necessary. This allows your child to maintain a healthy diet without having to worry about swallowing.

The weakness of the muscles associated with this disorder can cause serious breathing problems to develop. Respiratory insufficiency may necessitate the use of medical equipment. CPAP machines, BiPAP ventilators, or a tracheostomy can help your child to breathe better. Respiratory assistance is just one of the ways we can help patients with Pompe disease in Cincinnati, OH. The use of artificial breathing devices can ensure your child receives the air they require.

With late-onset Pompe disease, most individuals experience muscle weakness that progresses with time. The trunk and legs are the regions that are especially affected. The lower limb weakness can cause the inability to use their legs. Those with the disease tend to first notice that they have trouble climbing stairs, walking, and standing up after sitting. Individuals may need to rely on a wheelchair to retain their mobility.

Children with Pompe disease also have an increased frequency of developing lung infections. Suction equipment, and cough assistance devices can provide some help when they are sick. These machines will help eliminate excess mucus that can cause your child problems. Keeping their lungs clear of phlegm will help them to breathe better. Offering these devices is another way we can help patients with Pompe Disease in Cincinnati, OH.

At RSVP Home Care, we are local respiratory specialists as well as a supplier of medical equipment and supplies for pediatric clients. Our focus is primarily respiratory devices, including ventilators, bi-level pressure units, oxygen, cough assist devices, and enteral feeding pumps as well. We are able to supply most every request for respiratory and enteral equipment and supplies. Our specialists are available to teach you on how to properly use the devices and can provide assistance at any time of day. We our located in Covington, KY to provide our services to Northern Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, and the greater Cincinnati, OH area. Call us today.

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