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Cough Assist Devices for Patients

When we think of our respiratory systems, we typically think of breathing. This is understandable.Breathing is such a central part of how our bodies keep us alive that we are always doing it, and when that breathing is interrupted it can have devastating consequences. But our respiratory system is actually supported by a number of interconnected processes that allow our lungs to do the incredibly important work that they do. One of these important processes is coughing. While it may seem like a small thing, the ability to cough actually is incredibly important, and as with the interruption of breathing, the inability to cough can have terrible consequences. Difficulty coughing or the inability to cough is something that is experienced by many medically complex children, but it doesn’t have to be debilitating. Medical technology has advanced to allow medically complex children to cough when necessary. Keep reading to let the team at RSVP Home Care tell you what you need to know about cough assist devices for patients near Northern Kentucky.

The Importance of Coughing

While coughing has many associations, including illness, at its core, coughing is actually a very simple process. Fundamentally, the act of coughing is a sudden expulsion of air through the lungs’ major breathing passages. Coughing can happen regardless of larger health circumstances, but it is often associated with sickness, such as cold and flu, or seasonal allergies, because coughing can clear blockages in the airways that can result from an overabundance of mucous. Similarly,coughing is also associated with circumstances like choking, and can also work to expel water that may have been inhaled into the airways. All of these potential obstructions can stop the ability to breathe, so being able to cough is absolutely essential for good respiratory health. Luckily, cough assist devices are available to assist medically complex children who may be unable to cough on their own.

The Inability to Cough

The inability to cough, or difficulty coughing, is a symptom that can be part of the broader suite of respiratory symptoms experienced by medically complex children. In particular,difficulty coughing is often associated with neuromuscular conditions. In the same way that these conditions may make it difficult to walk, stand, or move appendages, they can also impact the muscles that are used to cough. It is these situations that can particularly benefit from cough assist devices.

Cough Assist Devices

Your medically complex child’s inability to cough can be mitigated with the use of cough assist devices. Cough assist devices work by mimicking the natural experience of a cough. In the same way that healthy lungs would introduce a strong expulsion of air to clear blockages, cough assist devices introduce positive airflow to do the same thing. To further help mimic a cough, they also introduce negative airflow to allow the lungs to naturally inflate and deflate. We offer cough assist devices that pair with a mask, mouthpiece, and/or trach to help serve a variety of patients.

To learn more about cough assist devices for patients near Northern Kentucky,contact RSVP Home Care today. We are conveniently located in Covington, KY, but we also proudly serve the surrounding 70-mile radius, including Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati, OH.

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