Benefits of a Child's Medical Attachments

Benefits of a Child's Medical Attachments

Your child’s wellbeing is the top priority. Making the decision for your child to use a medical attachment can be difficult. You may fear that this choice will drastically alter your child’s life. This has been the topic of several studies, and the results may ease your mind.

The quality of life for children with feeding tubes has been the topic of various studies. They have found that the feeding tube had a positive impact on the child’s quality of life and their overall health, but a positive impact was felt by their families as well. Parents were relieved to know that their child could enjoy life more. A study on adults who receive IV nutrition had results that pointed towards an even more convincing conclusion that improvement of life was achieved. The adults were all able to increase their participation in daily activities once they were introduced to IV nutrition. One study on individuals who were trached and ventilated showed that 84% of participants felt they made the right decision.

While it can be difficult to depend on medical technology, families who use feeding devices feel they are a blessing. The devices have multiple benefits for children, such as improved daily life, an increase in energy, and better health. Reduction in pain, fatigue, and other negative symptoms are experienced as well. Medical attachments can help increase the quality of your child’s life.

Most of the negative aspects of medical attachments revolve around the social acceptance of the medical intervention. Most people who express discomfort around medical attachments are simply not used to them. It’s important to let your child know that there is nothing wrong with them, that those people are just uninformed. People can view the medical attachments as a punishment when it is actually a gift. If people were aware of the effects, the negative opinion would disappear. One mother said that after getting a tube, her son flourished. She was able to keep him properly hydrated and nourished, ultimately helping him develop. His caloric and fluid intake doubled, while the pain her experienced during intake decreased. His condition became a smaller part of him, and his personality was able to truly shine. Another mother made the decision to move forward with a feeding tube for her daughter who was throwing up constantly and in extreme pain. The tube was able to allow her daughter to enjoy and experience life again. The child was free to play and have fun. The mother even decorates the medical attachment accessory bag for special occasions. If your child has a medical attachment it is good to remember all the wonders it does, so the negatives pale in comparison.

No child should be forced to suffer. If your child has a medical attachment and you are in need of guidance, the professionals at RSVP Home Care can help. They have an incredible amount of knowledge on medical attachments, so you can be assured that they can help with whatever problem. RSVP Home Care is located in Covington, KY and provides service to Northern Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana.