Asthma Care for Special Needs Children

Special Needs Children with Asthma in Covington, Kentucky (KY)

Asthma is a condition that impedes on normal breathing as the airways in the lungs become entirely blocked or narrowed. Either naturally or with medicine, the obstruction of the lungs can be reversed or assuaged.

An asthmatic child suffers from hyperactive or oversensitive airways that do not respond well to irritants. When introduced to stimuli, the airways can become obstructed in various ways, such as inflammation and swelling of the airway, constriction of the muscles surrounding the airway, or clogged airways due to increased mucus production. Once the airways have been obstructed it becomes harder to force air through, so breathing becomes labored. The air that makes its way through the narrowed airways can generate a rattling or whistling noise which is why wheezing occurs.

Children are primarily affected by three different types of asthma. Exercise-Induced Asthma is one of the top reasons school-aged children suffer from asthma. This causes the child to have shortness of breath that exceeds what traditionally accompanies exercise, coughing fits when partaking in energetic activity, or audible wheezing as the result of increased movement. In most cases, this type of asthma can be regulated with low doses of preventive medication or a rescue inhaler that is used only when needed.

Another prevalent form of asthma for children is Allergen-Induced Asthma. Foreign antibodies act as a trigger to incite this form of immunological response. Typically the reaction is caused by environmental allergens; however, food allergies can also be a factor. Rescue inhalers and preventive medications are the most commonly prescribed treatments for allergen-induced asthma. Although, to lower the chances of an allergic reaction causing an asthma attack, medications and treatments intended to reduce the immune systems reaction to allergens can be used as well.

Non-Allergic Asthma is normally prompted by infections, usually those that affect the respiratory system. However, fumes, reflux, medication and air pollutants can also act as triggers. The causes for this type of asthma can produce diverse symptoms at different times with varying levels of severity. Pulmonary function testing is used for diagnosis, but cannot be performed until the child is five years old.

Knowing to take action immediately when the signs of a respiratory reaction are present can help negate the damaging effects asthma attacks often have on special needs children. And most importantly, find a quality asthma/allergy doctor that can create a tailored treatment plan to maintain proper lung function and also accommodate the child’s other medical issues.

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