Like other medical devices, a tracheostomy and a trach tube may seem scary at first, but over time, you will realize that it is easy to use and can significantly improve the breathing of your child or family member.

A tracheostomy is a surgical hole, or stoma, made directly through the neck into the trachea to help with breathing. While there are many types of trach tubes available for different needs, they are all essentially a curved tube that is inserted through the stoma into the windpipe to help oxygen-rich air reach your lungs without having to pass through the mouth or nose. Tracheostomy tubes consist of three parts. The outer cannula has a flange to hold the tracheostomy open. The inner cannula sits inside the outer cannula and is locked in place to prevent it from being coughed out. The obturator is inserted into the tracheostomy tube to provide a smooth surface for guidance of the tracheostomy tube.

A tracheostomy can be utilized for a variety of reasons, including conditions that block the upper airway and interfere with coughing or swallowing, neuromuscular diseases, malformations of the airway or face, vocal cord paralysis, respiratory control disorders, or sleep apnea. Additionally, trach tubes can be used to remove excess fluids and secretions from the lungs. While most tracheostomies are temporary, they can be long-term or permanent to support breathing for patients that are on long-term ventilators. A ventilator is a machine that supports breathing when a patient is unable to breathe normally on his or her own.

Generally, most people are unaware of what tracheostomies and trach tubes are and how they can help a patient. The 2016 Global Tracheostomy Tube Awareness Week was created as a virtual awareness week from May 15, 2016 to May 21, 2016 sponsored by Moms of Trach Babies to raise tracheostomy awareness. Throughout the week, there will be daily tracheostomy resources, information, educational materials, personal stories and facts added to the Facebook page. Global Tracheostomy Tube Awareness week will also feature products for trachs and Trach Week gear. Moms of Trach Babies is a website community that brings Moms and Dads of Tracheostomy children together for support, advice and connection with other families going through similar situations.

Being told that your child or family member requires a tracheostomy tube can be scary, but you are not alone. The Global Tracheostomy Tube Awareness Week and the Moms of Trach Babies community can offer support. Additionally, RSVP Homecare can assist you with finding durable medical device equipment for your child. RSVP Homecare is a locally owned medical equipment and respiratory service company. Our company specializes in pediatric home health care in Cincinnati, OH and the surrounding areas. Our durable medical equipment can be used for a variety of medical ailments, but we specialize in pediatric respiratory services, including tracheostomy tubes. If you have any questions about tracheostomies or trach tubes or need durable medical equipment in Cincinnati, OH or the surrounding areas, contact RSVP Homecare today!